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By improving the way your home looks from the outside, the entire property can be given a new lease of life and a fresh look.

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When you want to transform your garden into an outdoor space that’s fresh and vibrant, we’re here to offer the solution.

Our landscaping services are the best in the area, and we aim to create a garden that captures and reflects some of your own personality. We know that gardens are personal spaces that are very important to every homeowner. We offer a wide variety of landscaping services, so there are no limits to what we could do for you and your garden. Whether the changes need to be made to your front or back garden, we can do the hard work for you. Creating a garden that looks create is a difficult process, and only our professional team can secure the outcomes you desire.

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We're located in Chester, and we offer services anywhere within a 20 mile radius. You don't have to worry about missing us because our opening times are flexible in order to suit you.

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There are many stages of the landscaping process, and we have the expertise to perfect them all

The original conception is when we start to plan what will be done with your garden and what needs to be changed. This is something you will have a huge say in. We will guide you and offer suggestions, but it will be your preferences and wants that matter most to us. When the time comes to complete the practical work on your garden, our team will use the best equipment to get the job done properly. The job won’t be rushed, but it will be done on schedule, on budget and to a standard that you expect. Out attention to detail and our focus on getting the job done won’t slip for a second.

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"JW paving has done our driveway.
We are so satisfied with the work JW paving has carried out at our home."

"We have had our fence done in the back of our house we got JW paving to do this they made a good job and I would like to say thank you JW paving."

Allen and Lisa
"Hi I was looking to have my driveway done for quite some time I call JW paving they come to my home and showed me lots of different things they could do give us some different prices we agreed on having the driveway done the Cum at good times we agreed on they carried out the work they did it quite quickly and I am so satisfied with it thank you JW paving."

Lisa McCarty
"I have had a wall and pillars built by JW paving and block pave the driveway and patio I am so delighted I had JW paving doing this me and my family love it we would hire them any time and recommend them to anyone."

"We have recently had our driveway done by JW paving they are good workers they work at good times and I would hire them again."

Susan Brown
"JW paving has done the Block paving and landscaping in our patio they have done a great job were so delighted thanks."


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We know that the outside of your property is just as important to you as the inside. In many ways, it's even more important. By improving the way your home looks from the outside, the entire property can be given a new lease of life and a fresh look. Whether you want a more suitable parking space or a garden that impresses, we have the skills and expertise to make it happen. We value our customers and pride ourselves on meeting their needs at every turn. We'll go that extra step further to tailor our services to your particular needs.