Landscape Architecture - Tips on Creating a Peaceful Garden

Landscape Architecture – Tips on Creating a Peaceful Garden

So, there you are, standing by the back door peering over your wilting garden, as the browning grass and drooping plants stare back at you in self pity. You wonder how you are ever going to restore your garden’s beauty before summer comes along.

Relax, you still have plenty of time before the in laws suggest a ‘fun’ family BBQ. That just so happens to be held at yours, due to convenience. As always, this ‘convenience’ is not for you per say, but more for the rest of the family.

In less polite words, nobody else can be bothered to deal with all the fuss. Luckily, we have compiled a few tips to help you along the way.

Getting Inspired by Natural Landscapes

One of the main subjects we get our inspiration from is nature. The Earth, in its natural elements is the most relevant thing to designing a garden.

We look through numerous landscape images and go on walks around different areas to get a real feel of these beautiful landscapes. Inspiration for green landscaping, is quite literally all around us.

For a good example, take a look at these images of landscape with waterfalls. Many of our customers find waterfalls extremely relaxing. And no wonder, just looking at these landscape pics is enough to make anyone feel less stressed.

Garden Designs and Layouts Ideas

There are some great books you can read on garden ideas for small gardens. You can find many of which on Amazon. For some great garden inspiration, check out this book by Noel Kingsbury and Maayke De Ridder called​ ‘New Small Garden: Contemporary principles, planting and practice’​.

Beautiful Landscapes

With so many unique landscapes, it can be difficult to whittle down all this inspiration into one lawn design. Why not mix it up and include inspiration from a few of the natural landscapes you found?

We love to do this because it makes each modern landscaping design unique and personal. Another tip is to get the front lawn landscaped as well. This can be particularly good for those who do not have a garden, but do have a front lawn.

Front Landscaping Ideas

For low maintenance landscaping in your front garden, our designers would suggest some simple garden ideas. Of course, any front garden layout you decide on will be a beautiful garden design.

There are tons of small front garden ideas and front of house landscaping designs that you can find on places like ​Pinterest​.


Garden Care

To achieve and maintain your garden, whether at the front or back of your house, you should make sure your plants get enough water and sunlight.

If they do not, it could cause the grass and other plants to turn brown and dull in colour. However, in the summer this usually is not much of an issue. The only thing you should do during summer is water your plants more so than in the rainy winter days.

Other than trimming the grass and any overhanging branches, there is not much more you need to do.

As for the decking or paving, keeping it clean is the best way to avoid any cracks or colour fading. For more advice on paving cleaning, read through our post about ​maintaining block paving.


Landscape Plan

Every project needs a plan, which is why we would like to offer our landscaping service. We would love to be a part of your landscape projects.

You can check out our expert services on garden landscaping and get in contact with us should you require any help or advice.

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